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Waiting Room and Administration
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Welcome to our Dental Office!

Waiting room - general view

Waiting room - general view

Waiting room - a patient waiting

Mom and daughter wait for the next checkup

Waiting room - toys ready for children to play

The toys, toys and toys to chose

Toys ready for kids to play

Another toys ready for kids to play

The young patient is never bored or scared

The young patient with her toy

Waiting room - view on the aquarium

Waiting room - the big aquarium

Golden fishes in the aquarium

Waiting room - view into the corridor leading to the dental area

Admin Office - general view

Admin office - general view

Admin Office - verifying the next appointment

Admin Office - inquiring about the next patient

Admin Office - checking the booking for the patient visit

Admin Office - taking the reservation via phone

Admin Office - an appointment is confirmed

Reminding an appointnment...

Admin Office - A patient just paid his bill and is leaving

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