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Our Dental Insurance Policy

We have no leverage with your insurance company to obtain payment, The person with the leverage is you and your company.

There is a very interesting story behind today's insurance that is a vital part of the employment agreement between you and your employer. I would like to share the story with the hope that your will understand the policies of this office and why we adopted them.

About ten years ago Japanese automakers exported and sold higher quality cars at a lower price than US automakers. American automakers took notice as their market share decreased. After much study it was determined that the Japanese could make better cars cheaper because the Japanese paid one-third less for health care benefits. Plus the Japanese had better morbidity and mortality rates than we in the US. About the same time President Clinton began the movement to reform health care, and these two forces changed health care for all of us.

The effect has been plethora of new health care insurance systems aimed at delivering lower cost health care coverage for more Americans. We have all felt the effect of increased cost of health care. The medical policy premium can cost the employer from $150 to $450 per month per employee, in contrast to the range of premium cost for a dental insurance policy which is from only $6 to $25 per employee per month. The company pays the premium regardless of the use of the policy.

The insurance company makes more money the healthier the company employees are, and the less they make use of the policy. The companies make money by charging premiums that exceed the outlays for covered expenses. They use statistics to determine the risk of payment compared to the premium charged. The insurance companies are in the business of business and the business of business is the profitability. God bless America.

We have no leverage with your company, and your company's decisions on what insurance is available to you. We are providing to our patients the best dental care available without concerns of insurance. When we file your insurance and accept payment from the carrier, we are extending a courtesy to you as part of our office policy.

Of late we have seen an increase in questions asked by the insurance companies. In many cases Preauthorization have been given by the insurance companies, but they request redundant information. A standard answer is that the information was not received, and would we please resubmit the information again. Believe me, the postal system is not that efficient nor we in our submission of claims. Occasionally we may misfile but not one half of the time. It makes sense that if they can have the use of your dollars as paid by your employer for a longer period of the time, they simply make more money.

I am not alone in the effort as the American Dental Association recently filed a lawsuit against Aetna. The case is that Aetna is not fairly representing its clients and is facing the doctors against the patients. I am not going to be a part of to having third parties coming between you and me.

With your help and blessing we will be pleased to file your insurance claims for you, and we will with your help maximize your health care benefits.

Bill Tipton

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