dedicated to Project Managers and Cost Engineers
for complex engineering projects
using Dual-Entry Accounting and Generic MS Access Database (with TECA computer program)
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Author:  Wieslaw J. Jurkiewicz, P.E. -- Houston, Texas  -  Last Update 02/05/2013
General Articles:
Project Cost Planning and Control needs upgrading
Global WBS Accounts in Project Cost Planning and Control
Time-Cost Aspects in Project Cost Planning and Control
Why current Project Cost Control method is not satisfactory
Computer Program:
TECA Project Accounting computer program
Installation of TECA computer program
How to acquire D-E Project Accounting Tools
E-mail Articles:
#0 - Why Cost Engineering shall be D-E (Dual-Entry Accounting)
#1 - Cost Engineer's Work Scope and Responsibility
#2 - Code of Accounts in D-E Project Accounting
#3 - Journals in D-E Project Accounting
#4 - Global WBS Account
#5 - Time-Cost Accounts and Ledgers
#6 - Financial Ledgers
#7 - Project Financial Statements
#8 - Project Time-Cost Statements
#9 - Budget and Cash Flow Forecast
#10 - D-E Accounting at Project Initiation Stage
#11 - D-E Accounting at Project in Progress, Early Stage
#12 - D-E Accounting at Project in Progress, Advanced Stage
#13 - D-E Accounting at Project completion Stage
#14 - How to create gWBS Accounts
#15 - How to manage gWBS Accounts
#16 - How to create Change Orders
#17 - How to do Cost Data Retrievals (Automatic Retrievals)
#18 - How to do Cost Data Retrievals (User-defined Code)
#19 - COST ENGINEER - his Past, Present, and Future
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